Spacejacked is coming to Steam on 26 Feb 2016 !!!

2016-02-18 17:46:05 by rottenmage

Greetings, fellow Earthlings! 

It is almost time to rid the universe of alien scum! 

Spacejacked is coming to Steam !!!

With 1 week left to launch, we have some exciting news indeed. 

On February 26, you'll get to experience the drama of the Story Mode, the non-stop madness of the Endless Mode, and a total of 17 HARDCORE challenges in the Challenge Mode! You'll fight off alien invaders with 3 turret types - gun, laser and stasis, each with its own alternative set of upgrades! 

But WAIT... there's more! 

We'll also be adding more content after launch! 
- 3 new turret types (Poison, Chain Lightning, Freeze) 
- New challenges in Challenge Mode 
- New Endless Mode Arenas 

And of course, the updates are free. 

See you in two weeks, Space Cadets! 


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